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Aboilus lamina Lin 1982 (hump-winged cricket)

Insecta - Orthoptera - Prophalangopsidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 288060

Alternative combination: Parahagla lamina

Full reference: Q. B. Lin. 1982. Insecta. Palaeontological Atlas of Northwest China: Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia Volume 3:70-83

Belongs to Aboilus according to Q. B. Lin and D. Y. Huang 2006

Sister taxa: Aboilus abbreviatus, Aboilus amplus, Aboilus aulietus, Aboilus besobrasovae, Aboilus cellulosus, Aboilus columnatus, Aboilus cornutus, Aboilus dilutus, Aboilus faciatus, Aboilus fasciatus, Aboilus femineus, Aboilus huanghuachunensis, Aboilus jiyuanensis, Aboilus krassilovi, Aboilus longitudinalis, Aboilus perbellus, Aboilus pullus, Aboilus stratosus, Aboilus tigris, Aboilus transversalis, Aboilus tuzigouensis, Aboilus zebra

Type specimen: NIGP 44784, a tegmen. Its type locality is Huajiaozi area, Kangxian County, which is in a Toarcian terrestrial siliciclastic in China.

Ecology: fast-moving ground dwelling herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): tegmen length 104.0