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Acanthatrigla Gaemers 1984

PaleoDB taxon number: 360844

Full reference: P. A. M. Gaemers. 1984. Fish otoliths from the Bassevelde Sand (Late Tongrian) of Ruisbroek, Belgium, and the Stratigraphy of the Early Oligocene of Belgium. Mededelingen van de Werkgroep voor Tertiaire en Kwartaire Geologie 21(1):13-57

Parent taxon: Triglidae according to P. A. M. Gaemers 1984

Sister taxa: Chelidonichthys, Peristedion, Prionotus, Pterygotrigla, Trigla, Triglidarum

Subtaxa: Acanthatrigla biangulata

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Type: Acanthatrigla biangulata