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Bairdia trianguliformis Chen 1958 (ostracod)

Ostracoda - Podocopida - Bairdiidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 186204

Full reference: T. C. Chen. 1958. Permian ostracods from the Chihsia limestone of Lungtan, Nanking. Acta Palaeontologica Sinica 6:215-265

Belongs to Bairdia according to C. G. Shi and D. Q. Chen 1987

Sister taxa: Bairdia (Cryptobairdia), Bairdia accuminata, Bairdia acrisa, Bairdia adelineae, Bairdia akasakaensis, Bairdia altiacuta, Bairdia altiarcus, Bairdia anbeedei, Bairdia anisica, Bairdia anisicaforma, Bairdia anisongae, Bairdia araxensis, Bairdia ardmorensis, Bairdia armenica, Bairdia atudoreii, Bairdia avrami, Bairdia balatonica, Bairdia bariudini, Bairdia bassoni, Bairdia baudini, Bairdia beedei, Bairdia broutini, Bairdia cahuzaci, Bairdia calida, Bairdia carinata, Bairdia celsa, Bairdia changyangensis, Bairdia chaotianensis, Bairdia chasae, Bairdia cheni, Bairdia cheni, Bairdia citriformis, Bairdia clio, Bairdia crassa, Bairdia cristata, Bairdia curta, Bairdia dadayi, Bairdia davehornei, Bairdia deducta, Bairdia deformata, Bairdia demissa, Bairdia deweveri, Bairdia diffusa, Bairdia dongpanensis, Bairdia donzei, Bairdia dorsalta, Bairdia eissensis, Bairdia elongatella, Bairdia episkopiensis, Bairdia eucurvia, Bairdia fangnianqiaoi, Bairdia fengshanensis, Bairdia finalyi, Bairdia florenaensis, Bairdia folgeri, Bairdia forakerensis, Bairdia fortis, Bairdia fujisan, Bairdia fusiformis, Bairdia gaelleae, Bairdia galei, Bairdia garrisonensis, Bairdia geisi, Bairdia girtyi, Bairdia grahamensis, Bairdia grayi, Bairdia guadalupiana, Bairdia guangxiensis, Bairdia guttulae, Bairdia hassi, Bairdia hazzardi, Bairdia herrigi, Bairdia heshanensis, Bairdia hiwanneensis, Bairdia hoffmanae, Bairdia hooverae, Bairdia huberti, Bairdia hugluensis, Bairdia hupeiensis, Bairdia hurwitzi, Bairdia ikeyai, Bairdia imposita, Bairdia indefinita, Bairdia intermedia, Bairdia ishizakii, Bairdia jeancharlesi, Bairdia jeromei, Bairdia kandyzensis, Bairdia kansasensis, Bairdia kanwakensis, Bairdia kemerensis, Bairdia kwanshanensis, Bairdia letangae, Bairdia limatusformis, Bairdia liviae, Bairdia longoarcuata, Bairdia macdonnelli, Bairdia magna, Bairdia mandruella, Bairdia marginicompressa, Bairdia megedensis, Bairdia menardensis, Bairdia mianyangensis, Bairdia michelseni, Bairdia minoensis, Bairdia modica, Bairdia molesta, Bairdia monostorii, Bairdia monstrabilis, Bairdia mui, Bairdia munda, Bairdia nagaiwensis, Bairdia nagyvisnyoensis, Bairdia nevensis, Bairdia nishiwakii, Bairdia ogakiensis, Bairdia oklahomaensis, Bairdia omanensis, Bairdia ortiseiensis, Bairdia paussi, Bairdia pecosensis, Bairdia perincerta, Bairdia permagna, Bairdia permiana, Bairdia perpusilla, Bairdia pierrevalentini, Bairdia piscariformis, Bairdia plebeia, Bairdia pompilioides, Bairdia portellaensis, Bairdia postacuta, Bairdia pruniseminata, Bairdia pseudoglennensis, Bairdia pulchra, Bairdia radlerae, Bairdia reussiana, Bairdia rhomboidalis, Bairdia rigasensis, Bairdia rostrata, Bairdia scholli, Bairdia sinensis, Bairdia sinuosa, Bairdia sobolevensis, Bairdia spindlica, Bairdia subcontracta, Bairdia subdeltoidea, Bairdia subfusiformis, Bairdia subhassi, Bairdia subleguminoides, Bairdia suborbiculata, Bairdia szaszi, Bairdia tagaensis, Bairdia takfaensis, Bairdia thikiaensis, Bairdia tongluensis, Bairdia trigonosymmetrica, Bairdia undulata, Bairdia urodeloformis, Bairdia verwiebei, Bairdia vyasovkensis, Bairdia wailiensis, Bairdia wangi, Bairdia whortani, Bairdia woodwardsensis, Bairdia wordensis, Bairdia wushunbaoi, Bairdia xiaobaensis, Bairdia yangi, Bairdia zhongyingensis, Bairdia ziguiensis, Cythere (Bairdia) acuta, Cythere (Bairdia) gracilis

Type specimen: NIGP 9082

Ecology: epifaunal detritivore-grazer

Average measurements (in mm): carapace 1.64 x 0.53, valve length 1.38