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Drepanoistodus bellburnensis Stouge 1984

PaleoDB taxon number: 420038

Full reference: S. S. Stouge. 1984. Conodonts of the Middle Ordovician Table Head Formation, western Newfoundland. Fossils and Strata 16:1-145

Belongs to Drepanoistodus according to L. J. Pyle and C. R. Barnes 2002

Sister taxa: Drepanoistodus amoenus, Drepanoistodus basiovalis, Drepanoistodus costatus, Drepanoistodus deltifer, Drepanoistodus forceps, Drepanoistodus latus, Drepanoistodus pitjanti, Drepanoistodus suberectus, Drepanoistodus tablepointensis, Drepanoistodus venustus

Type specimen: ROM 39652 (element)