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Kozelconcha obesa Perner 1903 (snail)

Gastropoda - Eotomarioidea - Gosseletinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 178481

Alternative combinations: Pleurotomaria (Gosseletina) obesa, Pleurotomaria obesa

Synonyms: Gosseletina pisum Perner 1907 (no. 73775), Kozelconcha pisum Perner 1907 (no. 78486), Kozelconcha virgulata Perner 1907 (no. 178482), Pleurotomaria (Gosseletina) pisum Perner 1907 (no. 178479), Pleurotomaria (Gosseletina) virgulata Perner 1907 (no. 178480)

Full reference: J. Perner. 1903. Gastéropodes, Tome 1: Patellidae et Bellerophontidae 1-164

Belongs to Kozelconcha according to P. J. Wagner 2020

Sister taxa: Kozelconcha convolvens, Kozelconcha gryphoides, Kozelconcha lipara

Type specimens:

  • Kozelconcha obesa: Its type locality is Bubovice, which is in a Ludfordian carbonate limestone in the Kopanina Formation of the Czech Republic
  • Kozelconcha pisum:
  • Kozelconcha virgulata:

Ecology: epifaunal grazer