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Oshunia brevis Wenz and Kellner 1986 (ray-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Halecomorphi - Ionoscopidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 263191

Full reference: S. Wenz and A. W. A. Kellner. 1986. Découverte du premier Ionoscopidae (Pisces, Halecomorphi) sud-américain, Oshunia brevis n.g., n.sp., dans le Crétacé inférieur de la Chapada do Araripe (nord-est du Brésil). Bulletin du Museum national d'historie naturelle. Section C. Sciences de la terre, paleontologie, geologie, mineralogie 8(1):77-88

Belongs to Oshunia according to S. Wenz and A. W. A. Kellner 1986

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: CD-P-31, a skeleton. Its type locality is Santana do Cariri (general), which is in an Albian lagoonal/restricted shallow subtidal shale in the Santana Formation of Brazil.