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Osteocrinus sinensis Hess et al. 2016 (Sea lily)

Crinoidea - Articulata

PaleoDB taxon number: 346730

Full reference: H. Hess, W. Etter, and H. Hagdorn. 2016. Roveacrinida (Crinoidea) from Late Triassic (early Carnian) black shales of Southwest China. Swiss Journal of Paleontology 135(2):249-274

Belongs to Osteocrinus according to H. Hess et al. 2016

Sister taxa: Osteocrinus aghdarbandensis, Osteocrinus rectus, Osteocrinus spinosus, Osteocrinus virgatus

Type specimen: MHI 1879/1/2, a calyx

Ecology: passively mobile planktonic suspension feeder