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Pitar (Pitar) gabrielensis Clark and Durham 1946 (venus clam)

Bivalvia - Veneroidei - Veneridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 158441

Full reference: B. L. Clark and J. W. Durham. 1946. Eocene Faunas from the Department of Bolivar, Colombia. Geological Society of America Memoir 16:1-126

Belongs to Pitar (Pitar) according to B. L. Clark and J. W. Durham 1946

Sister taxa: Pitar (Pitar) angelinae, Pitar (Pitar) calvimontana, Pitar (Pitar) carmenensis, Pitar (Pitar) cercadica, Pitar (Pitar) consanguineus, Pitar (Pitar) corbulina, Pitar (Pitar) coroanus, Pitar (Pitar) dalli, Pitar (Pitar) dinotus, Pitar (Pitar) distincta, Pitar (Pitar) euglyptus, Pitar (Pitar) helenae, Pitar (Pitar) newcombinanus, Pitar (Pitar) ovatus, Pitar (Pitar) quirosanus, Pitar (Pitar) rudis, Pitar (Pitar) sapotanus, Pitar (Pitar) tumens, Pitar (Pitar) yasila

Type specimen: UCMP 34909, a shell. Its type locality is UC S60, which is in the Eocene of sandstone/conglomerate Colombia.

Ecology: facultatively mobile infaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 16.0 x 15.7