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Pteroferganella crassa Gorochov 1989 (grasshopper)

Insecta - Orthoptera - Xenopteridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 212852

Full reference: A. V. Gorochov. 1989. Novye taksony prjamokrylyx semejstv Bintoniellidae, Xenopteridae, Permelcanidae, Elcanidae, i Vitimiidae (Orthoptera, Ensifera) iz mezozoja azii [New taxa of the Orthopteran families Bintoniellidae, Xenopteridae, Permelcanidae, Elcanidae, and Vitimiidae (Orthoptera, Ensifera) from the Mesozoic Asia]. Vestnik Zoologii 1989(4):20-27

Belongs to Pteroferganella according to A. V. Gorochov 2005

Sister taxa: Pteroferganella minuta, Pteroferganella sharovi

Type specimen: PIN 2240/4254, a forewing. Its type locality is Madygen, PIN collection 2240, Dzhailoucho area, which is in a Carnian lacustrine - small siliciclastic in the Madygen Formation of Kyrgyzstan.

Ecology: fast-moving ground dwelling herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): forewing length 22.0