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Pteromalus pygmaeolus Statz 1938 (chalcid wasp)

Insecta - Hymenoptera - Pteromalidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 270765

Full reference: G. Statz. 1938. Neue Funde parasitischer Hymenopteren aus dem Tertiar von Rott am Siebengebirge. Decheniana 98A:71-144

Belongs to Pteromalus according to G. Statz 1938

Sister taxa: Pteromalus abdominalis, Pteromalus aerosus, Pteromalus atomus, Pteromalus atra, Pteromalus clavicornis, Pteromalus crassicapitatus, Pteromalus defossus, Pteromalus exanimis, Pteromalus hirtipes, Pteromalus latipennatus, Pteromalus longicornis, Pteromalus pulchellus, Pteromalus rectispinus, Pteromalus rottensis, Pteromalus vectensis, Pteromalus venustus

Type specimen: Its type locality is Rott (Statz Collection), which is in a Chattian lacustrine - small shale in the Rott Formation of Germany


Average measurements (in mm): body length 1.13, forewing length 0.670