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Semionotus kanabensis Schaeffer and Dunkle 1950 (ray-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Semionotiformes - Semionotidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 124144

Full reference: B. Schaeffer and D. H. Dunkle. 1950. A semionotid fish from the Chinle Formation, with consideration of its relationships. American Museum Novitates 1457:1-29

Belongs to Semionotus according to B. Schaeffer and D. H. Dunkle 1950

Sister taxa: Palaeoniscus agassizii, Semionotus agassizii, Semionotus alatus, Semionotus australis, Semionotus beardmori, Semionotus bergeri, Semionotus braunii, Semionotus capensis, Semionotus elegans, Semionotus formosus, Semionotus fultus, Semionotus gibbus, Semionotus gigas, Semionotus kapffi, Semionotus lenticularis, Semionotus leptocephalus, Semionotus lineatus, Semionotus marshii, Semionotus metcalfi, Semionotus micropterus, Semionotus minutus, Semionotus modestus, Semionotus nilsonni, Semionotus normanniae, Semionotus ovatus, Semionotus parvus, Semionotus robustus, Semionotus tenuiceps, Semionotus tenuis, Semionotus trotti

Type specimen: A.M.N.H. No. 8870, a skeleton (complete fish with uncrushed skull). Its type locality is Kanab Canyon, which is in a Norian fluvial-lacustrine sandstone in the Chinle Formation of Utah.

Ecology: nektonic durophage-carnivore