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Ptinus (Gynopterus) inclusus BellÚs and Vitali 2007 (spider beetle)

Insecta - Coleoptera - Ptinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 259858

There are also formatted pdf versions of this article bearing the name Ptinus (Gynopterus) balticus. The situation is not clear, but Ptinus balticus is a homonym of a species named by Yablokov-Khnzorian and Karapetyan 1991, so I assume that the homonymy may have been discovered during review or production.

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Alternative combination: Ptinus (Gynopterus) balticus

Full reference: X. BellÚs and F. Vitali. 2007. New fossil spider beetles from Baltic amber (Coleoptera Ptinidae). Entomapeiron (P.S.) 2(2):17-28

Belongs to Ptinus (Gynopterus) according to A. Bukejs and V. I. Alekseev 2015

Sister taxa: Ptinus (Gynopterus) anastasiae, Ptinus (Gynopterus) burukovskyi, Ptinus (Gynopterus) scalovicus

Type specimen: Its type locality is Baltic Amber, Vitali collection, which is in a Priabonian terrestrial amber in the Russian Federation


Average measurements (in mm): body length 1.90