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Euproteaciphyllum pinnatum Carpenter et al. 2012

Magnoliopsida - Proteales - Proteaceae

PaleoDB taxon number: 323443

Full reference: R. J. Carpenter, J. M. Bannister, D. E. Lee and G. J. Jordan. 2012. Proteaceae leaf fossils from the Oligo–Miocene of New Zealand: new species and evidence of biome and trait conservatism. Australian Systematic Botany 25(6):375-389

Belongs to Euproteaciphyllum according to R. J. Carpenter et al. 2012

Sister taxa: Euproteaciphyllum alloxylonoides, Euproteaciphyllum amphistomaticum, Euproteaciphyllum attenuatum, Euproteaciphyllum brookerensis, Euproteaciphyllum cethanicum, Euproteaciphyllum falcatum, Euproteaciphyllum gevuininoides, Euproteaciphyllum integrifolium, Euproteaciphyllum linearis, Euproteaciphyllum lomatioides, Euproteaciphyllum microlobium, Euproteaciphyllum microphyllum, Euproteaciphyllum ornamentalis, Euproteaciphyllum pacificum, Euproteaciphyllum papillosum, Euproteaciphyllum polymorphum, Euproteaciphyllum rugulatum, Euproteaciphyllum serratum, Euproteaciphyllum tasmanicum, Euproteaciphyllum tridacnoides

Type specimen: Holotype: OU33344, Geology Museum, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ, a leaf (Cuticle). Its type locality is F45/f0394, middle Gore Lignite Measure, Newvale Mine, which is in an Oligocene/Miocene mire/swamp lignite in New Zealand.