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Caninemys tridentata Meylan et al. 2009 (sideneck turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines - Podocnemidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 344521

The species epithet is based on the tridentate appearance of the skull that is most clearly seen in anterior view.

Full reference: P. A. Meylan, E. S. Gaffney, and D. Almeida Campos. 2009. Caninemys, a New Side-Necked Turtle (Pelomedusoides: Podocnemididae) from the Miocene of Brazil. American Museum Novitates 3634:1-26

Belongs to Caninemys according to M. S. de la Fuente et al. 2014

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MCT 1496-R, a skull. Its type locality is Locality 28 of Price (Caninemys tridentata type locality), which is in a Miocene terrestrial sandstone/conglomerate in Brazil.

Ecology: amphibious omnivore