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Chelonoidis gringorum Simpson 1942 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines - Testudinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 356116

Alternative combinations: Geochelone (Chelonoides) gringorum, Geochelone (Chelonoidis) gringorum, Geochelone gringorum, Testudo gringorum

Full reference: G. G. Simpson. 1942. A Miocene tortoise from Patagonia. American Museum Novitates 1209:1-6

Belongs to Chelonoidis according to M. S. de la Fuente et al. 2018

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: Amer. Mus. No. 3366 (Fossil Reptile Catalogue), a partial shell (plastron and much of carapace). Its type locality is Testudo gringorum Type Locality, which is in a Miocene fluvial-deltaic sandstone in Argentina.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore-herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): carapace 185.0 x 235.0

Estimated body mass: 969.1 g based on carapace length