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Microcarbo Bonaparte 1856

PaleoDB taxon number: 371645

Alternative spelling: Phalacrocorax (Microcarbo)

Synonym: Hydrocorax Vieillot 1817 [replaced name] (taxon 372501)

Parent taxon: Phalacrocoracidae according to J. F. Clements et al. 2017

Sister taxa: Borvocarbo, Gulosus, Leucocarbo, Leucocarboninae, Limicorallus, Nannopterum, Oligocorax, Paracorax, Phalacrocoracinae, Phalacrocorax, Piscator, Poikilocarbo, Urile, Valenticarbo

Subtaxa: Microcarbo africanus, Microcarbo coronatus, Microcarbo melanoleucos, Microcarbo niger, Microcarbo pygmaeus

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