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Order Perissodactyla Owen 1848 (odd-toed ungulate)

Mammalia - Theriiformes

PaleoDB taxon number: 42980

Full reference: R. Owen. 1848. Description of teeth and portions of jaws of two extinct Anthracotherioid quadrupeds (Hyopotamus vectianus and Hyop. bovinus) discovered by the Marchioness of Hastings in the Eocene deposits on the NW coast of the Isle of Wight: with an attempt to develope Cuvier's idea of the Classification of Pachyderms by the number of their toes. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 4:103-141

Parent taxon: Placentalia according to L. N. Cooper et al. 2014

Sister taxa: Afrotheria, Americatheria, Atlantogenata, Boreoeutheria, Educabilia, Epitheria, Euarchontoglires, Exafroplacentalia, Ineducabilia, Ishatherium, Laurasiatheria, Lipotyphla, Petrolemuridae, Pseudorhyncocyonidae, Tingamarra, Ungulatomorpha, Mutilata

Subtaxa: Anthracobunidae, Brontotheriidae, Cambaytheriidae, Cambaytherium, Desmostylia, Equina, Ghazijhippus, Hallensia, Hippopotamus iravaticus, Hyracotheriidae, Lophodontomorpha, Mesaxonia, Mesolambdolophus, Nakusia, Paschatherium, Perissobune, Rhinocerotida, Selenida, Skopaiolophus, Solidungula, Stereopterna, Tapiromorpha, Teilhardimys, Titanotheriomorpha

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Ecology: ground dwelling browser-grazer