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Canis dirus Leidy 1858 (dire wolf)

Mammalia - Carnivora - Canidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 44837

Alternative combination: Aenocyon dirus

Synonyms: Aenocyon ayersi Sellards 1916 (no. 43788), Canis ayersi Sellards 1916 (no. 44828), Canis mississippiensis Allen 1876 (no. 44866)

Full reference: J. Leidy. 1858. Notice of Remains of Extinct Vertebrata, from the Valley of the Niobrara River, Collected during the Exploring Expedition of 1857, in Nebraska, under the Command of Lieut. G. K. Warren, U. S. Top. Eng., by Dr. F. V. Hayden, Geologist to the Expedition. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 10:15-89

Belongs to Canis according to R. H. Tedford et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Canis (Epicyon), Canis (Pseudalopex), Canis adustus, Canis antarcticus, Canis anthus, Canis apolloniensis, Canis armbrusteri, Canis arnensis, Canis aureus, Canis cedazoensis, Canis cyonoides, Canis dingo, Canis edwardii, Canis etruscus, Canis familiaris, Canis feneus, Canis ferox, Canis geismarianus, Canis indianensis, Canis latidentatus, Canis latrans, Canis lepophagus, Canis lupus, Canis lydekkeri, Canis mesomelas, Canis montanus, Canis morenis, Canis mosbachensis, Canis niger, Canis occidentalis, Canis osorum, Canis palaeoplatensis, Canis primigenius, Canis proplatensis, Canis rufus, Canis thooides

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): P3 17.5 x 7.8, P4 29.6 x 13.8, M1 18.2 x 23.9, M2 10.8 x 15.5, p4 19.5 x 9.9, m1 35.2 x 13.5, Femur length 256.8, Humerus length 241.8, Mandible length 191.3, Tibia length 245.4, Wings of atlas width 111.2