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Lontra canadensis Schreber 1776 (North American river otter)

Mammalia - Carnivora - Mustelidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 47751

Alternative combinations: Lutra canadensis, Mustela (Lutra) canadensis, Mustela lutra canadensis

Synonyms: Lutra iowa Goldman 1941 (no. 47804), Lutra parvicuspis Gidley and Gazin 1933 (no. 47805), Lutra rhoadsii Cope 1896 (no. 47808)

Belongs to Lontra according to M. Cherin et al. 2016

Sister taxa: Lontra felina, Lontra longicaudis, Lontra provocax, Lontra weiri

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): P3 7.40 x 4.50, P4 11.8 x 8.0, M1 8.70 x 11.00, m1 14.0 x 7.7, femur length 72.1, humerus length 72.1, radius length 50.3, scapula length 63.2, tibia length 81.5

Estimated body mass: 1.77 kg based on femur length, humerus length, and tibia length