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Gorgosaurus libratus Lambe 1914 (tyrannosaurid)

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Tyrannosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 53194

Alternative combinations: Albertosaurus libratus, Alberytosaurus libratus, Deinodon libratus

Synonyms: Albertosaurus incrassatus Cope 1876 (no. 185657), Albertosaurus sternbergi Matthew and Brown 1922 (no. 90095), Deinodon falculus Cope 1876 (no. 422492), Deinodon hazenianus Hay 1902 (no. 360474), Deinodon incrassatus Cope 1876 (no. 422493), Dryptosaurus falculus Cope 1876 (no. 80784), Dryptosaurus hazenianus Hay 1902 (no. 80785), Dryptosaurus incrassatus Cope 1876 (no. 80782), Dryptosaurus kenabekides Hay 1899 (no. 65359), Gorgosaurus sternbergi Matthew and Brown 1922 (no. 63900), Gorgosaurus sternbergii Matthew and Brown 1922 (no. 98738), Laelaps falculus Cope 1876 (no. 54477), Laelaps hazenianus Hay 1902 (no. 65356), Laelaps incrassatus Cope 1876 (no. 54475)

Full reference: L. M. Lambe. 1914. On a new genus and species of carnivorous dinosaur from the Belly River Formation of Alberta, with a description of the skull of Stephanosaurus marginatus from the same horizon. The Ottawa Naturalist 28:13-20

Belongs to Gorgosaurus according to T. R. Holtz 2004

Sister taxa: none

Type specimens:

  • Gorgosaurus libratus: CMN 2120, a skull (scapulacoracoid). Its type locality is RTMP Quarry 36, Berry Creek, which is in a Campanian channel lag sandstone in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Canada.
  • Dryptosaurus kenabekides: ANSP 9530 (teeth).
  • Gorgosaurus sternbergi: AMNH 5664. Its type locality is RTMP Quarry 6, Sand Creek [AMNH], which is in a Campanian channel sandstone in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Canada.
  • Laelaps falculus: AMNH 3959, a tooth. Its type locality is Cow Island, which is in a Campanian/Campanian terrestrial horizon in the Judith River Formation of Montana.
  • Laelaps hazenianus: AMNH 3957.
  • Laelaps incrassatus: AMNH 3962.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): coracoid length 210.0, femur length 807.0, femur circumference 249.5, fibula length 770.5, fibula circumference 89.0, humerus length 278.1, radi length 100.0, radius length 156.5, scapulacoracoid length 876.0, scapulocodacoid length 620.0, skull length 775.7, tibia length 869.4, tibia circumference 237.3, tibia length 1000.0, ulna length 150.5

Estimated body mass: 1.07 tons based on femur length