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Feresa attenuata Gray 1874 (pygmy killer whale)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla - Delphinidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 63583

Synonyms: Delphinus intermedius Gray 1827 (no. 93922), Feresa intermedia Gray 1827 (no. 121531), Feresa occulta Jones and Packard 1956 (no. 129235), Globiocephalus intermedius Gray 1827 (no. 102702), Orca (Feresa) intermedia Gray 1827 (no. 103944), Orca intermedia Gray 1827 (no. 93923)

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1874. Description of the skull of a new species of dolphin (Feresa attenuata). Annals and Magazine of Natural History 14:238-239

Belongs to Feresa according to W. F. Perrin et al. 2013

Sister taxa: none

Type specimens:

  • Feresa attenuata: BMNH
  • Delphinus intermedius: BMNH 1672a-, a skull.
  • Feresa occulta:

Ecology: scansorial piscivore-carnivore

Average measurements (in mm): skull 361.6 x 226.9