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Edmontosaurus annectens Marsh 1892 (hadrosaurid)

Reptilia - Neornithischia - Hadrosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 64305

Alternative combinations: Anatosaurus annectens, Anatosaurus annectus, Claosaurus annectens, Cliosaurus annectens, Thespesius annectens, Trachodon annectens

Synonyms: Anatosaurus edmontoni Gilmore 1924 (no. 64309), Anatosaurus longiceps Marsh 1890 (no. 64351), Anatotitan longiceps Marsh 1890 (no. 92312), Edmontosaurus edmontoni Gilmore 1924 (no. 77025), Hadrosaurus longiceps Marsh 1890 (no. 168577), Thespesius edmontonensis Gilmore 1924 (no. 96093), Thespesius edmontoni Gilmore 1924 (no. 63242), Trachodon longiceps Marsh 1890 (no. 52924)

Full reference: O. C. Marsh. 1892. Notice of new reptiles from the Laramie Formation. American Journal of Science 43:449-453

Belongs to Edmontosaurus according to P. J. Currie and E. B. Koppelhus 2014

Sister taxa: Edmontosaurus regalis, Edmontosaurus saskatchewanensis

Type specimens:

  • Edmontosaurus annectens: USNM 2414, a skeleton. Its type locality is Schneider Creek, which is in a Maastrichtian terrestrial horizon in the Lance Formation of Wyoming.
  • Edmontosaurus edmontoni: NMC 8399, a skeleton. Its type locality is Michichi Creek, GSC (NMC), which is in a Maastrichtian terrestrial claystone in Canada.
  • Trachodon longiceps: YPM 616. Its type locality is Hatcher Springs, Johnson Brothers' ranch, which is in a Maastrichtian fluvial-lacustrine sandstone/shale in the Laramie Formation of Wyoming.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): femur length 1040.0, fibula length 820.0, humerus length 501.0, radius length 440.0, radius circumference 120.0, scapula 810.0 x 200.0, tibia length 870.0, ulna length 500.0, ulna circumference 170.0

Estimated body mass: 2.17 tons based on femur length