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Family Coenagrionidae Kirby 1890 (narrow-winged damselfly)

Insecta - Odonata

PaleoDB taxon number: 71727

Synonym: Agrionidae Leach 1815 [replaced name] (taxon 180159)

Parent taxon: Coenagrionoidea according to G. Bechly 2007

Sister taxa: Agrion icarus, Balticoagrion, Burmacoenagrionidae, Hispanocoenagrion, Platycnemididae, Platycnemidoidea, Trichocnemis aliena

Subtaxa: Agriocnemis, Agrion, Argiinae, Diceratobasis, Enallagma, Enallagma oligocena, Hesperagrion, Ischnurinae, Nehalennia, Neoerythromma

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Ecology: fast-moving volant carnivore-insectivore