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Arabemys crassiscutata Tong et al. 1999 (leatherback)

Reptilia - Testudines - Dermochelyidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 80840

Full reference: H. Tong, E. Buffetaut, H. Thomas, J. Roger, M. Halawani, A. Memesh, and P. Lebret. 1999. A new dermochelyid turtle from the late Paleocene-early Eocene of Saudi Arabia. Comptes Rendu de l'Academie de Sciences, Paris: Sciences de la terre et de planetes 329:913-919

Belongs to Arabemys according to H. Tong et al. 1999

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: AT JR9-3, an isolated bony ossicle, an osteoderm. Its type locality is Lina Member (Shale), which is in a Paleocene/Eocene marginal marine shale in the Aruma Formation of Saudi Arabia.

Ecology: aquatic durophage-piscivore